Search term filters for exact match keywords

New Features: Custom alerts, custom filters, ad extension broken URL checkers, and even more

November 13, 2017 Brad New Features

We’ve just launched several new features across Adalysis: Create your own custom filters & Alerts Use campaign labels in multi-ad group testing Download ad previews Check ad extensions for broken URLs Search term filters for existing keywords Please take a moment to see the changes and understand the new ways you can optimize your account […]

Google Data Studio live and interactive dashboards

New Adalysis Features: Duplicate keyword tool, request data updates, and more

October 1, 2017 Brad New Features

We’ve just launched several new features at Adalysis to make PPC life easier for you. Duplicate keyword view and tools to manage duplicate keywords Keyword checker for adding new search terms as keywords Keyword (and search term, n-gram, etc) data refresh! Bing Ads & Facebook reports Duplicate Keyword Tool When you have a keyword twice […]

Account recommendations dashboard thumbnail

Adalysis is now your PPC To Do List Manager & Recommendation Engine

September 11, 2017 Brad Google Ads Insights, New Features

We just launched a very exciting update at Adalysis: A new dashboard that will show you many recommendations and to do list items across your account. These items are broken down into three sections: Account alerts: Critical: critical items stop ad serving or testing Impact: how much impact will this change have on your account […]

Google Data Studio live and interactive dashboards

PPC Reporting is Now Available

August 7, 2017 Brad New Features, Reporting

Our latest feature release is PPC reporting for Adwords and Google Analytics accounts (Bing Ads and Facebook will follow shortly). Adalysis now provides over 250 pages of various ready made reports that you can either simply use as is, or customize to add/remove any additional elements or branding. The reports are interactive allowing you to zoom […]

Adalysis Supports Expanded DSAs & Adds Data Filtering Rules

July 24, 2017 Brad New Features

Adalysis now supports the Expanded DSAs. We have also added many filters to help you quickly analyze your data. These filters can be customized based upon the data criteria you want to use within your accounts. Expanded DSA Support We now support expanded DSAs (dynamic search ads). These will automatically be included in any relevant […]

Account N-gram search terms list thumbnail

Account Level N-Grams are Now Available

June 29, 2017 Brad New Features, Search Terms

We launched campaign level n-grams a while ago, and if you’re not familiar with this powerful way of analyzing your search query data, see this article. Our top n-gram feature request was to also include account level n-grams; and we’re happy to say, we’ve now launched this feature. You can now switch back and forth […]

Quality score graph

Finding Quality Score Insights with Historical Graphs & Recent Quality Score Changes

June 26, 2017 Brad New Features, Quality Score

Analyzing how your Quality Score changes over time can give you great insights into what ads and landing pages are leading to your best Quality Scores. It also lets you see as you conduct ad testing how this can improve your Quality Scores. When we think of Quality Score, it is made up of three […]

How To Manage Duplicate AdWords Search Terms

Take Control of Your PPC Ad Serving by Finding & Managing Duplicate Queries & Keywords

June 6, 2017 Brad New Features

Duplicate Keywords When you have the same keyword & match type combination in two different ad groups within a campaign, you are not in control of your ad serving. It’s impossible to set the proper bid, analyze your quality score, and understand the effectiveness of the keyword. Therefore, you want to take control of your […]

Quality score analysis dashboard

Six Ways Adalysis Can Help You Diagnose and Improve Quality Scores

May 16, 2017 Brad New Features, Quality Score

Google recently announced that you can see more Quality Score data in AdWords including historical Quality Score. Being the first system to let you see and filter on all the sub factors (Expected CTR, Landing Page Experience, and Ad Relevance), we’re all for transparency in reporting. While Google has brought more data to Quality Score, […]

Ad groups with no active keywords thumbnail

New Keyword Alert & Keyword Features

We’ve recently launched a ton of features: Partial pattern and suggested multi-ad group tests Multivariate testing and more bulk ad creation features More keyword & Search Query Analysis Features And now we have two more new features to add to everything we’ve launched in the past month. Ad Groups with 0 Keywords We’ve all done […]

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