New Features: Quality Score Analysis In-Depth

By Brad


New Features

Increasing your quality scores can help you increase your average position or decrease your cost per click or both.

The issue with quality score optimization is that it has mostly been manual work since Google doesn’t show all the sub-factors of quality score (landing page, ad relevance, CTR) in an easy to sort and segment manner.

The latest release of the Adalysis interface, makes working with quality score very easy.

Dashboard Graphs

On the main dashboard screen, you can see your quality score information for your account (or a campaign if you navigate to a specific campaign):


This information can be graphed in many different ways. This should make it easy to see if you have many low quality score impressions, clicks, and keywords. In addition, you can graph your quality scores by average position or CTR and see how your quality scores affect those metrics.

Along with the overall graph, you can see how the quality score details (such as CTR or landing page experience) play into each metric. If you examine your impressions and you see that you have a poor landing page experience for many of your impressions, then you’ll want to take a look at the keywords with low landing page quality scores to fix those pages or choose new landing pages for your site.

Keyword Quality Score Details

Finding exactly where you have low landing page experiences, CTR, or ad relevance can be done by keyword on the keyword screen.



We have added many quality score filters to make it easy to find areas where you can improve or just diagnose your quality scores.

For instance, in this screenshot we’ve:

  • Filtered for keywords with quality scores lower than 7
  • Filtered for keywords with below average landing page quality scores
  • Sorted the keywords that match that criteria by highest to lowest impressions

Now we can take a look at those keywords to improve the landing page experience for those words.

Ad Group Priority

In many cases, you don’t want to do a lot of diagnoses work; you just want to jump right to the places where improving quality scores will benefit you the most.

We’ve made this very easy within the ad group screen. The ad group screen has two new columns:

Impression weighted quality score. You can see your overall quality score by ad group at a glance.

Adalysis QS Priority. We’ve built an algorithm that examines your spend and weighted quality score for each ad group; and then puts them in an ordered priority list. All you have to do is go to the ad group screen, sort by the QS Priority column, and the top result (labeled 1, 2, 3 based upon priority) is the ad group in most need of quality score improvement.




Quality score improvement is straightforward if you follow this graph:



The hardest part of this workflow is to determine ad groups that need quality score improvements. As we’ve ordered your ad groups for you, that is no longer a problem; so now you can follow this workflow to improve your quality scores.

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