New Features: RSA Creation, Move Keywords, Ad Relevance Alerts, Secure URL Alerts, and More

By Brad


New Features

We’ve launched several new features and enhancements across Adalysis that will make it easier for you to manage your Google Ads & Bing Ads account.

RSA Creation

Adalysis fully supports Responsive Search Ads. You can edit or create new RSAs. RSAs have always been included in the ad testing, and now you can fully manage them within Adalysis.


Keyword Organization

We’ve added the ability for you to move keywords from one ad group to another one or move keywords to a brand new ad group.

If you move keywords to a new ad group, then we’ll duplicate the ads and bids. This should make it easy to ensure you have a good account organization. This short video will show you exactly how the new feature works.

Managing Keywords with Poor Ad Relevance

When a keyword has a poor ad relevance quality score, it generally means the ad isn’t reflective of that keyword. When some keywords in the ad group have an average or above average ad relevance and others have a below average ad relevance, it usually means the keywords with the poor ad relevance need to be in a different ad group.

Easier to Find Duplicate Ads

Adalysis automatically alerts you when you have the same ad twice in the same ad group. To make it easier to find these duplicates, we’ve added them to the alert popup boxes in your account. When you view the ad groups, you can hover over the alert icon to quickly find which ads are the duplicates and then choose which one to pause.


Alerts for Non-Secure URLs for Keywords & Ads

Ensuring that your traffic is encrypted via HTTPS links in your keywords and ads is vital in advertising these days. Almost all sites are now secure, but there are still a lot of keywords and ads that are going to non-secure URLs. Adalysis now checks both ad and keyword final URLs for any traffic that is not secure and will alert you on your dashboard.

Also, you can filter your ads or keywords based upon the URLs not being secure.


These new features and enhancements should make it even easier to manage and optimize your PPC accounts. We hope you enjoy the updates 🙂

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