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If Your Mobile Conversions Suck– Should You Really Just Ignore Mobile PPC?

January 26, 2016 Brad Google Ads Insights

You’re already using a –80% mobile bid modifier and yet mobile still just feels like its draining your budget each month. You’d rather spend money on tablets than mobile devices. Your mobile CTR isn’t bad, but when you look at your cross device conversions; they are 0. And you know its working as you had […]

Bulk ads creation options thumbnail

New Features: Easily Filter, Create, and Manage Ads in Bulk

January 19, 2016 Brad New Features

We’ve just launched some powerful new features that should make it easy for you to pause, create, and manage ads in bulk. As these new features work with the filter commands that we launched a short while ago, we’re going to quickly review the filters and then get into the new features so you can […]

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DSA Testing: What you need to know to test dynamic search ads effectively

Brad Ad Testing

Dynamic search ads (DSA) are an unusual ad format as you don’t write a headline or pick a destination URL. With these ads, you choose what part of your site you want Google to use to scan for potential keywords and Google will show your ad and the relevant destination URL when the search query […]

Comparison of ROAS & RPI and CTR thumbnail

Inside the Ad Testing Metrics: Revenue Per Impression (RPI) & Profit Per Impression (PPI)

January 12, 2016 Brad Ad Testing

This week we’re featuring everything you need to know about using RPI (Revenue per Impression)  as your testing metric. This is sometimes called profit per impression (PPI). The difference between RPI or PPI isn’t in the metric calculations within your PPC account. The difference has to do with how you are passing data to your […]

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Do You Have Insignificant Test Results? How to use Maximum Data in Ad Testing

December 1, 2015 Brad Ad Testing

It’s always nice when your ads pass your minimum data amounts and achieve statistical significance. However, there are many times that your ad tests won’t achieve the necessary confidence levels to take action. As we’re often looking for places to take an action, these types of tests are often missed and ad tests linger with […]

Minimun Data By Metric

The Minimum Data You Should Define by Testing Metric

November 17, 2015 Brad Ad Testing

In our last two column we discussed setting your confidence levels and what you need to know about minimum data. What we haven’t addressed yet is what data points you should assign minimum data levels to based upon your testing metrics. As an example, if you are testing by CTR, your conversions don’t matter since […]

Ad testing thresholds and metrics options thumbnail

How Much Data Should You Have Before Examining an Ad Test Result?

November 10, 2015 Brad Ad Testing

Before you waste your time examining ad tests, you want to ensure that every ad has reach a minimum data threshold. Within any sample set, it is easy to find a pattern that is caused due to chance. However, as the amount of data you have increases, the likelihood that a statistically significant result is […]

Multi-ad group patterns test

We’ve Just Launched Even More Multi-Ad Group Testing Functionality

November 9, 2015 Brad New Features

We’ve had a lot of feedback on additional ways that you can segment exactly what ads get included in a multi-ad group test and we’ve just launched new options for determining what ads are included: You can choose to only include (or exclude) ad groups with specific labels in addition to selecting campaigns. This will […]

Filtering ad groups thumbnail

New Features: Advanced Ad Group Filters, Assisted Metrics, Bing is out of Beta, and More

October 23, 2015 Brad New Features

We’ve just finished launching several new features that should make your ad testing even easier. You can click on any of the images to make them larger so you can get a better view of how to see and use the new features. Ad Group Filters You can now filter ad groups by a large […]

Ads editing options thumbnail

Powerful Ad Filters: Easily Find Ads & Make Bulk Edits

October 9, 2015 Brad New Features

We recently launched a powerful find and replace option to easily find ads based upon a lot of criteria and then mass pause, delete, or modify those ads. When you go to the ads tab, you can use the ‘filter by’ and filter by: What line the pattern occurs You can use multiple lines to […]

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