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Inside the Ad Testing Metrics

February 10, 2015 Brad Ad Testing

When you are running ad tests, there are generally six different metrics that you can use to determine winners; however, the way they are used can be very inconsistent, and some metrics are misunderstood. Over the course of the next six weeks; we will be featuring one metric per week and taking a deep dive […]

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How to Gain Customer Insight Through Ad Testing

January 22, 2015 Brad Ad Testing

Many companies pay large amounts of money through corporate research to gain a small amount of information into their customer base. However, you are already spending money with paid search and you can use the insights from that spend to learn a lot about your customers through just good ad testing. The first thing you […]


How to Work with Legal & Brand Management For Better Ad Testing

November 11, 2014 Brad Ad Testing, General

Many marketers must submit all their ads to a legal and/or corporate branding team for approval before they are allowed to use them in a PPC account. These departments can often be bottlenecks to ad testing. If you aren’t working well with legal and/or branding; then these departments can quickly become an excuse for why […]

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How Ad Rotation Affects Your AdWords Ad Testing

September 23, 2014 Brad Ad Testing

If you have multiple ads in an ad group; your ad rotation settings will determine how often each ad is displayed. Based upon how you are testing and your favorite metrics, you should consider the rotation setting you are using and how that affects your ability to receive statistical significance data to make testing decisions. […]

Results of the test by device

Learn How to Test Your AdWords Ads by Effective Device

September 16, 2014 Brad Ad Testing

Mobile users and desktop users behave differently. They are often looking to accomplish different tasks based upon the device type. Therefore you should test ads differently based upon the user’s device. However, first we should examine the concept of ‘effective device’ so you understand where your ads are really showing. Examining Effective Device With Google […]

Ad Testing for Lead Gen

The Best Ads Testing Metrics for Lead Generation Campaigns

September 9, 2014 Brad Ad Testing

There are many metrics you can split-test in Google AdWords by; however, the best testing metrics for determining success vary by industry. Often the lead generation industry is lumped together as a type of advertising campaign: just get me leads. It should not be classified this way. Within lead generation marketing campaigns, there are four […]

New ad testing metrics

New Testing Metrics Added

May 27, 2014 Brad Ad Testing, New Features

We’ve just launched three new testing metrics: ROAS (return on ad spend) RPI (revenue per impression) CPA (cost per action) To make the names of the metrics line up with what Google uses inside of AdWords; we went with their naming conventions instead of the typical marketing convention. Here’s the translation between what Google calls […]

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