Easily Analyze and Manage Your Bid Adjustments with New Adalysis Features

January 17, 2020 Brad General, New Features

We just launched several features that allow you to analyze your bid adjustments, get new adjustment suggestions, and dig into your adjustment data to understand how the adjustments affect your data. Here’s a quick overview of the new features and videos to help you understand what is possible. Bid Adjustment Map: The bid adjustment map […]

KPI Monitoring & Diagnosis: Why Does your CPC and Cost Change?

January 13, 2020 Brad General, Performance Analyzer

In our continuing series on KPI Monitoring & Diagnosis, today we’re going to dig into investigating changes to your cost per click, which is either very easy to examine or complicated as the factors that can affect CPC can be a bit varied depending on the changes you have made, and your competitors have changed. […]

The Beginners Guide to Pivot Tables for PPC Data Analysis

December 16, 2019 Brad General

One of our favorite PPC analysis tools is the Pivot table. We use them for many different types of analysis, such as: Find where to improve Quality Scores Find match type and query issues Examine Quality Score by landing page Audit ad extensions Fixing duplicate keyword and search term issues Many, many more data types […]

Join us for a Webinar Examining Search Term Management in the New Match Type World

November 20, 2019 Brad General, Search Terms, Webinars

Last year, Google changed how exact match works, and you needed to adjust how you examined exact match search terms and their management. Earlier this year, Google changed both phrase match and modified broad match. Some people are getting OK results. Others have seen significant increases in CPAs or decreases in ROAS. For example, in […]

Analyze Your Google Ads Audience Data with this Free Data Studio Template

October 15, 2019 Brad General, Reporting

Analyzing your audience data within Google Ads can be difficult, especially as it crosses over campaigns and ad groups. To make this data easier to visualize and understand, we’ve created a free Google Data Studio report that makes it easier to visualize your audience data. The report consists of eight pages: Audience overview All audience […]

KPI Monitoring & Diagnosis: Why Does Your CTR Change Over Time?

October 8, 2019 Brad General, Performance Analyzer

In our continuing series on KPI Monitoring & Diagnosis, today we’re going to dig into examining changes to click through rate (CTR), which is one of the more complicated changes as there are so many factors that might be involved. As a reminder, this data doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s easiest to see this […]

The Free Google Data Studio Performance Analyzer Template has been Updated with New Information

October 1, 2019 Brad General, Performance Analyzer, Reporting

We’ve updated the Google Data Studio template that we use for the Performance Analyzer KPI monitoring series with several new features. If you’re not familiar with this template, it’s the easiest way to tell data driven PPC stories by just glancing at a metric comparison. The New Features Top & Absolute Top Impression Share As […]

How to Work with the Latest Google Ads Match Type Changes

September 24, 2019 Brad General, Keywords, PPC Management, Search Terms

Google recently changed how phrase and modified broad match types work. Here are the new definitions: Phrase match:  Matches of the phrase (or close variations of the phrase) with additional words before or after. Close variations include terms with the same meaning. Modified broad:  All the terms designated with a + sign (or close variations […]

New Features: Bulk Create RSAs & Examine Ad Text Heatmaps

September 23, 2019 Brad General, New Features

We’ve just launched a new feature to bulk create RSAs (responsive search ads) based upon your ETA data. This should make it easy to create RSAs based upon your top ETAs in an ad group without having to go and examine every single ad and take too much time analyzing your ads just to create […]

The 2019/2020 Version of The State of PPC Report is Now Out. Claim Your Free Copy.

September 17, 2019 Brad General

The State of PPC is based upon aggregated survey data from PPC Professionals. This 45 page report looks at trends for in-house and agency marketers and can help you understand how the world at large is viewing PPC these days. The report covers a variety of topics: About This Report and The Data The Participants […]

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