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Adalysis PPC optimization tools may bring your Google Ads and Microsoft Ads performance to the whole next level. By leveraging powerful algorithms based on deep analysis of your accounts, you can uncover hidden opportunities for optimization faster than ever before.

Adalysis PPC optimization software conducts more than 40 checks of your accounts every single day and notifies you on every emerged optimization opportunity in a single dashboard. From these optimization alerts, you can either dig into the results of our analysis or implement the recommendations with a click of a button without even logging into your Google or Microsoft Ads account.

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Quality Score Optimization Tools

All PPC marketers strive for as high of Quality Score as possible, as it is the number one way to make your clicks cheaper and your ads show more often. However, in your account, you only see Quality Score at the keyword level, which makes the analysis overwhelming and assigning priority order to potential improvements harder.

As in most areas, most of the improvement comes from 20% of the effort. Adalysis will provide a Quality Score improvement priority list specifically for your account. Hence, you will see exactly what ad groups and campaigns you should be improving first to optimize your results in a most meaningful way, and also, what Quality Score subfactors you’re not good at.

With Quality Score optimization tool, you’ll instantly see:

  • Quality Score for your entire account
  • Impact of keywords with low Quality Score
  • Contribution of each Quality Score subfactor
  • A prioritized to-do list of ad groups requiring urgent optimization
  • Quality Score history for each keyword

Keyword Optimization Tool

With keywords being the core of your Search Campaigns, they constantly need your attention. Especially now, when exact match is not that exact anymore, you need to be sure if your words are triggered by irrelevant search terms, or, if multiple keywords from different ad groups or campaigns are competing for the same search terms.

Adalysis offers a bunch of optimization tools for working with keywords. Right from the Adalysis interface, you can identify cannibalizing keywords and take action, adding search queries as negatives in less relevant Ad Groups. All that backed up with data and done with a few clicks!

Also, gain new insights from powerful N-Grams analysis – you can see the aggregated data on clicks, costs and other metrics for search terms and phrases across your entire account. Adalysis will also highlight terms that you should add as negative keywords or, on the contrary, add them to one of your ad groups.

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Landing Page Optimization Tool

Apart from being one of Quality Score subfactors, your landing page is where your user will make a decision. Or will not make a decision, if the page is not relevant to what he expected to see.

Adalysis offers a complete overview of your landing pages. Instantly see how many keywords leading to each page end up with a low Landing Page experience, which might indicate there are some relevance issues between your keywords and landing pages.

Also, see your best and worst-performing landing pages to further improve each of them and access information about your page speed or domain uptime. You’ll never again miss the ads leading to broken URLs after some pages have been removed or changed on your website.

Google Display Optimization Tool

Adalysis offers valuable optimization tools for Google Display Campaigns as well. While in your Google Ads account you’ll see the placements where your ads were shown, very often the same placement might be triggered in multiple campaigns or ad groups. Adalysis allows you to see aggregated data about the performance of each individual URL and/or app, so that you can identify your best converting placements and either adjust bids for them or create an individual Google Display Campaign for your best placements.

And, by the way, it’s extremely easy to exclude mobile apps from your Display campaigns just with 1 click!

20+ Optimization Tools

Altogether, Adalysis PPC optimization software offers more than 20+ professional PPC optimization tools:

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Adalysis was founded in 2013 by PPC experts with more than 20 years of experience under their belt. Since then, we have helped PPC agencies, in-house PPC marketers and small business owners from all over the world to optimize their PPC efforts in the most cost-effective way.

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