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When it comes to PPC budget management, there are typically 3 major areas that paid search specialists are mostly trying to keep an eye on.

First, if your monthly PPC budget is limited, you want to make sure that you are maintaining a reasonable pace of spending throughout the month so that eventually you stay within given budget limits. Second, you want to make sure that your best campaigns are spending your budget first because you expect the best results from them. Hence, you want the budget reallocated in the most strategic way to make the most out of it. And finally, it’s always good to understand the potential for growth – how many more clicks and conversions we will get if we increase the PPC budget for one or multiple campaigns.

PPC Budgeting Tool available for Adalysis software users can help to do all of this.


See the pace of spending your PPC budget

The Budget Report in Adalysis gives you an instant overview of how fast you’re spending the allocated budget. You’ll get notified of overspending or underspending for your entire account or individual campaigns or shared budgets. In addition, you will see a projection regarding how much you will have spent by the end of the month if you keep the same spending pace.

PPC Budget Overview in Adalysis

The visual graphs will also show you if there are some unusual patterns in your spending over time. Since Google can now exceed your daily budget, you may notice that there are days of the week or the month when your spending is always larger than your allocated budget. These seasonality insights might be helpful when deciding on your budgeting strategy – perhaps, you would like to allocate more budgets to specific campaigns when there’s a larger demand for your product and avoid running out of money just in the best moment for sale.

Set target budget alert

There might be cases when it’s really important to have control over how much you spend in a given month. In Adalysis you can set up an alert that will notify you when a defined portion of your target PPC budget is spent. You can also configure the alert to stop your campaigns when your threshold is reached (and automatically enable them back on the 1st day of the next month).

Identify budget capped campaigns

A budget-capped campaign means that it’s constantly losing impression share because of an insufficient budget. Obviously, you would not like to see your best campaigns capped. Even if you can’t afford to increase your overall PPC budget, you may want to consider reallocating budgets from worse-performing campaigns to your best performers.

Sometimes you may find that some of your campaigns have an excess of the allocated budget which you never actually spend. That might mean that either the search volume for your product is not as high as you reckoned, or your bids are too low to bring your more clicks. You can then decide to allocate this extra budget to your best campaigns – this way you’re still maintaining overall budget restrictions, but with this shift, you ensure that you’re really getting all you can from every single dollar or euro.

Adalysis Budgeting tool will highlight capped campaigns for you and show the data on lost impression share due to budget limitations and notify you if there’s any potential for improvement by reallocating budgets.

Budget re

Estimate Potential Performance

Before increasing budgets for capped campaigns, you may want to evaluate the potential performance boost. A built-in graph within Adalysis Budget Management report will show you projected changes to main metrics – impressions, clicks, and conversions, – if you increase your campaign budget (or a shared budget) by X amount per month. It’s a very convenient way to see the correlation between your budget and the results you can achieve.

If you are happy with what you see, you can apply your new budgets right from your Adalysis account!

PPC Budget booster

PPC Budget management tool is just an example of powerful features available to Adalysis users. Here are many more award-winning tools for everyone who’s working with Paid Search:

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