Google Ads Campaign Management Tools

More and more PPC marketers from all over the world are adopting various tools for automated Google Ads campaign management to increase efficiency and save time on the most repetitive PPC tasks.

Although it’s tempting to think that manual PPC campaign management provides a higher level of control, in reality, it’s incredibly easy to overlook something important as the amount of data in the account grows, which can then lead to a missed opportunity for the business. Automated solutions are much better at processing huge data volumes, whereas strategy, customer behavior analysis, and creative tasks are still better performed by humans.

The entire scope of PPC campaign management tools can be broken down into tools that can help you with analyzing, optimizing, automating, and monitoring your pay-per-click campaigns.

In addition, some tools can help before even launching a campaign, such as keyword research tools (e.g., Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Semrush, etc.) and tools for building large campaigns from scratch (such as Google Ads Editor or Adalysis Campaign Builder).

Adalysis, an award-winning PPC software, provides more than 20 tools for savvy pay-per-click campaign management, both for Google Ads and Microsoft Ads (Bing). You can try Adalysis for free today with the 14-day, no-obligation trial (we don’t ask for your credit card details). Start your free trial today!

Here is a brief overview of the PPC campaign management tools you can find in Adalysis.

  1. Google Ads Campaign Analysis Tools
    1.1. Quality Score Analysis
    1.2. Performance Analyzer
    1.3. Segment Performance Analysis
  2. Google Ads Optimization Tools
    2.1. Daily Optimization Tasks
    2.2. Weekly Optimization Tasks
    2.3. Monthly Optimization Tasks
  3. Google Ads Automation Tools
    3.1. PPC Ad Testing
  4. Google Ads Monitoring Tools
    4.1. Alerts
    4.2. Personalized KPI Tracking
    4.3. PPC reporting

Adalysis audit tools are built to present data that you can’t (or can in a very limited way) access in your Google Ads or Microsoft Ads account.

Quality Score Analysis

In your PPC account, you can see the Quality Score for each of your keywords, but it’s hard to make this data actionable and understand where to start your optimizing efforts.

A comprehensive analysis of Quality Score in Adalysis includes:

  • Quality Score tracking at the keyword, ad group, campaign, and account level
  • Quality Score history, including tracking dynamics of all the contributing factors (Expected CTR, Landing Page experience, and Ad relevance)
  • A prioritized to-do list with ad groups that will have the most significant impact on your overall performance


Performance Analyzer

Simply tracking how your main performance metrics change over time cannot always be enough. In case of negative dynamics, it’s crucial to dig into impacting factors and to understand the main causes so that you have full control over your account performance in the future.

Was it the poor bidding decision, increased competition, or decrease of demand due to seasonality? With Adalysis Performance Analyzer, you will instantly see the root cause analysis and dependencies between various factors.

Segment Performance Analysis

While in a PPC account you can see breakdowns by demographics, location, and audiences for individual campaigns, it’s not easy to get a 360 view of your entire account, especially if you have a significant amount of active campaigns.

In Adalysis, instantly access segment performance analysis in a single report. Identify your best-performing devices and audience segments, as well as days and hours when your best audience is online, and drill into individual campaigns to get even more insights.

Hour of Week Performance

Google Ads Campaign Optimization Tools

Adalysis tools have been built around the most important areas of PPC campaign management to fit into any individual workflow.

Daily Optimization Tasks

Daily PPC management typically includes the most frequent tasks related to keyword management, search terms, and Display placements analysis, as well as bidding decisions.

Keyword and Search Term Analysis Tools

In Adalysis, you can easily browse through individual search terms as well as conduct an n-gram analysis, to quickly identify candidates to be added as keywords or negative keywords. It’s not only that: Adalysis will notify you whenever there is a search term or a pattern across multiple search terms with significant search volume – so you never miss anything worth your attention.

Duplicate Keywords and Duplicate Search Term tools will help you to refine your campaign structure, avoiding keyword cannibalization. Other keyword-related tools include:

  • Analyze keywords by match type distribution
  • Quickly convert keywords to a different match type
  • Create new SKAGs with a single click
  • Easily move keywords in bulk to better performing ad groups
  • Get alerts about conflicting negative keywords
  • Be notified of underperforming keywords

Placement Analysis Tool

In a PPC account, you can see placements where your ads were shown at the ad group and campaign level. However, often the same placement is used by multiple campaigns.

Adalysis allows you to quickly access accumulated placement data from the entire account to get insights faster. After such an analysis, you can either add a placement to managed placements, change the bid or exclude the placement from your ad group, campaign or account.

And, by the way, in Adalysis it’s extremely easy to exclude mobile apps from your Display campaigns with just 1 click!

Bidding Tools

Adalysis bidding tools can completely replace your usual routine for adjusting bids based on individual keyword performance.

You will receive suggestions for bid updates whenever we spot such an opportunity based on a number of signals (such as search volume, competitive landscape, performance history, Quality Score, your existing search impression share, etc.)

Besides, we will also keep an eye on your bid adjustments and will make sure that they really help boost your performance. You will receive an alert whenever you can benefit from increasing or decreasing your bid adjustment for a certain segment, such as device, location, audience, and others.

Weekly Optimization Tasks

Weekly or bi-weekly tasks typically include reviewing strategic components of your PPC success, such as your budgeting and landing page performance.

Budgeting Tools

Adalysis built-in budget tool will show you the pacing of your monthly spending and help find the best budget allocation model. You can also set the target budget you don’t want to exceed in any given month and set automated rules to stop the campaigns once this threshold is achieved.

If there are good campaigns that are regularly losing impression share due to budget limitations, whereas others don’t always use the entire allocated budget, you’ll receive a recommendation on how to shift the budgets to get the most of each and every dollar, along with the expected performance boost.

Landing Page Tools

No matter how good your ad is, if the landing page is not highly relevant to the search query your user made, he’ll likely not convert.

Adalysis offers a complete overview of your landing pages. Instantly see how many keywords leading to each page end up with a low Landing Page experience, which might indicate there are some relevance issues between your keywords and landing pages.

Also, see the list of best and worst-performing landing pages and get instant notification in case any of your ads, keywords, or ad extension have a broken URL.

Monthly Optimization Tasks

More strategic tasks, such as analyzing your ad copy and revising your campaign structure, may not be as frequent as keyword or bidding-related. Nevertheless, they are equally important.

Ads Insights

Get a comprehensive analysis of your top-performing patterns in each of the ad components, as well as intersections of different headlines and descriptions. This will inevitably lead you to deeper insights about what resonates with your customers, and provoke new ideas to test with our state-of-the-art A/B testing tool.

You won’t find this information in your Google Ads: instantly see how your Responsive Search Ads are performing in comparison with the text ads from the same ad groups, and get a notification if your RSAs are not strong enough.

PPC RSA analysis

Adalysis presents the world’s only fully automated ad testing platform. It’s like an Always-on Experiment that helps you always be several steps ahead of your competitors.

Ad Testing

By default, all your ads are A/B tested without you having to set up anything. This will help you identify the best and the worst ad in each ad group – you’ll be notified once statistical significance is achieved so that you can take action (improve ad copy, pause or replace the loser ad).

You can even leverage an autopilot flow for your ad copy AB tests, setting up a queue of ads that will replace your losing ads and eventually find the best copy you could ever think of for a particular ad group.

Apart from A/B testing ads, you can test and compare specific ad elements, such as Headlines and Descriptions. You can view accumulated data across all your campaigns and replace the losing patterns in hundreds of ad groups in bulk.

Adalysis  tracks your accounts 24/7, and sends daily notifications to your dashboard. You will no longer have to think about what to do next – have your personalized to-do list at your fingertips.


Making 40+ checks every day, regardless of the size and number of your PPC accounts, you will receive notifications on critical errors and optimization opportunities for your campaign management. Apply the changes with a click of a button right from the dashboard.

Personalized monitors

If you have specific targets in mind, set specific KPI you want to track and get an alert once they are achieved. Alternatively, you can set up notifications in case any important metrics change significantly so that you can investigate causes and prevent long-term negative consequences on your account.


Use pre-built Google Looker Studio reports and automate your reporting for Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Google Analytics. Slice and dice by multiple dimensions or break down main metrics using built-in interactive controls. Customize reporting with your own logo and colors before sharing it with your boss or your customer.

PPC reporting tools in Adalysis

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